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Revenue from retroactive Medicaid approval is historically difficult to capture and frequently lost. Our software makes batch processing of older accounts cost effective. We can query the Medicaid database for months after service, providing updated Medicaid status.

The process is designed for you to provide an Excel/CSV file with basic information: patients name, DOB, date of service, and SSN. We process the data with our Apodatum software and return a report with a list of patients that are Medicaid eligible. In this report we include Medicaid status, including the Medicaid Plan, type of coverage and dates of eligibility. The entire process is encrypted at the highest level.

Apodatum will also identify collectable funds for accounts with small balances after the primary insurance pays. Because it is usually not cost effective to spend resources trying to collect a small balance, passing those accounts though Apodatum will identify Medicaid covered patients enabling you to stop collection activities, mailings and postage expenses. This will allow you to capture the Medicaid funds you are entitled to receive.

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Select the State you want to submit for and upload your CSV file (limit 10,000 patient records per file)

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Depending on the State and how busy the servers are, expect your file to be delivered via secure email within hours

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